Meriwether Citizens Press Toward Appeal Of Regional Landfill in Meriwether County

14 06 2008

Several concerned citizens of Northwest Meriwether County, Georgia are mounting a growing movement to challenge a landfill that has been proposed by Greenbow, LLC, of Montgomery, Alabama.  

On December 21, 2007, The Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) in Atlanta issued a permit to Greenbow LLC of Montgomery, Alabama for the operation of the Turkey Run Municipal Solid Waste Landfill in Northwest Meriwether County.   The Landfill will be located in a municipal water supply watershed, on 1500  acres along  highway  54 near the town of Lone Oak, Georgia.

The issue became controversial approximately three years ago, when The Meriwether County Board of Commissioners approved Greenbow’s application for the landfill.  Many citizens expressed concern that the Meriwether County Commission acted in haste, and without due diligence, in approving the application, without considering the full impact of their action on the citizens who live closest to area where the proposed landfill will be operated.  

The community of Lone Oak is distinctly rural in character and land usage is zoned mostly agricultural, at least partially due to the insufficiency of local water and no countywide sewer system.   90% of the citizens have wells and septic tanks.  The citizens are outraged over EPD, and the Administrative Hearing Authority’s lack of regard for the impact this regional landfill will have on the quality of life for those who live nearby.

Growing concern over the landfill prompted the reinstatement of Meriwether County’s NAACP, as well as the formation of other groups who have now united in their effort to protest the landfill.   In addition, other organizations, such as Anniston based Community Against Pollution (CAP), have become involved and pledged to assist local citizens in challenging the landfill.

The groups have formed a coalition, called Eco-Action, that now exists as a 501c organization.   Eco-Action is now appealing for the support and help from other concerned citizens in the continuing effort to challenge the landfill, and keep their environment safe.   

On May 19, 2008 at a recent Administrative hearing, a judge again ruled in EPD’s favor, however Eco-Action has pledged to take their fight to the next level, which will mean filing an appeal in Superior Court.

With increasing financial obligations Eco-Action is appealing for support from others who understand and appreciate this cause.  Donations can be forwarded to Eco-Action on behalf of the citizens against the landfill ( Eco-Action is nonprofit 503c organization).