Offshore Oil Drilling Unlikely for Georgia’s Coasts

3 08 2008

When coastal geologist Jim Henry hears debates about drilling for oil off the coast of Georgia, he has to chuckle a little.

Henry, who’s semi-retired, was involved in Georgia’s oil explorations in the late 1970s, before moratoriums were imposed on that activity. The state hired him to look for geologic hazards in the event oil was discovered.

It wasn’t.

“The oil companies have done a lot of surveying and even drilled several test wells,” he said. “They just kind of gave up on finding any quantitative results.”

In fact, four oil companies – Exxon USA, Tenneco Oil Co., Transco Cos. Inc. and Getty Oil Co. – spent more than $150 million in inflation-adjusted dollars to drill a total of six test wells in an area known as the Southeast Georgia Embayment. They abandoned the effort in 1980.


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