Georgia’s Rights to Lake Lanier Questioned

12 08 2008
Georgia has suffered another setback in its water feud with Alabama and Florida with a judge ruling that the first question he will take up in a major court battle is whether Georgia has any rights to continue using Lake Lanier as Atlanta’s main water source.

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USEPA Encourages New Owners to Audit, Make “Clean Start”

12 08 2008

The USEPA is launching an interim policy that offers incentives to new
owners who correct environmental violations at recently acquired
regulated facilities. Under the interim policy, new owners may receive
lower penalties than long-time owners.

Under the current USEPA Audit Policy, the agency offers reduced
penalties to companies that self-audit their facilities, promptly
disclose and correct any violations discovered, and take steps to
prevent future violations. Under the interim policy announced today, an
owner who acquires a new facility may get additional penalty reductions
from disclosing an even greater range of violations.

The new interim policy will be in effect immediately and EPA will accept
public comment until October 30, 2008. The policy may change in light of
these comments.

Download the Federal Register notice.