How green is West Georgia?

28 08 2008

By Lakeisha McSweeney (TheWest Georgian)

Prospective college students have a new criterion to evaluate their school choices and find their best fit, thanks in part to the Princeton Review.

The new “Green Rating” developed in a collaborative effort with EcoAmerica, an environmental non-profit organization out of D.C., will highlight three areas, the environmental soundness of school policies; the quality of campus life as being both healthy and sustainable and how well environmental practices are being used by colleges to prepare well-rounded individuals in a 21st century “green” workforce and world.

This green rating will be featured in the 2009 editions of college guides being published, including the Complete Book of Colleges. The green rating will also appear on The Princeton Review’s website profiles at

UWG’s Office of the President’s official website lists this year’s enrollment at over 10,667 students.

Dr. Scott Lingrell, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management told The West Georgian that at the risk of sounding insensitive to environmental issues, these issues have not been a part of the traditional college decision and “I don’t foresee that they will be at the top of the typical student’s selection criteria anytime soon.”

“I believe that when students are selecting a college, they are looking at the quality of the academic programs, the social and cultural environment on campus and in the local community, and the quality and beauty of the facilities and ground,” said Dr. Lingrell, “they (applicants) are also very concerned about the cost of attendance and the amount of scholarships and financial aid that they will receive.”

In a press release sent to The West Georgian, Robert Franek, Vice President – Publisher at the Princeton Review said EcoAmerica assisted in making the rating comprehensive and annually updateable.

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