Georgia Power Seeks Approval to Expand Its Green Energy Program

29 08 2008
ATLANTA, Aug 29, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Georgia Power today asked the Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) for approval to expand its Green Energy program to include additional options for customers.
Born out of direct feedback from customers and environmental groups, the expansion of Georgia Power’s Green Energy program redesigns the current program to make it more cost-effective while also providing additional discounted options for retail customers that are high-volume energy users.
“Georgia Power’s Green Energy program offers customers the opportunity to support local green energy technologies that benefit Georgia’s economy and its environment,” said Mike Garrett, Georgia Power president and CEO. “With these additional options, we hope to increase the appeal of the Green Energy program by making it more affordable for residential and large-volume customers.”
Electricity generated for the redesigned Green Energy program would help grow the renewable resource base in Georgia and the Southeast and expand the market for renewable energy credits (RECs). RECs are created when a renewable energy facility generates electricity or uses renewable fuel. Customers who purchase RECs through the Green Energy program are paying for the benefit of displacing other non-renewable sources from the electric grid.
Georgia Power is proposing expanding its Green Energy program to include the following new or revised options:
Premium Green Energy – At a cost of $4.50 per 100-kilowatt-hour block, this option will retain a 2 percent solar resource requirement.
Green Energy – Priced at $3.50 per 100-kilowatt-hour block, this option will not include a solar or wind resource requirement.
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