Rivers Alive 2008 – October 11th

2 09 2008

Rivers Alive 2008 is coming!  On October 11, 2008 you can join others from around your community to help care for our local waterways.

Many people believe that businesses and industries are responsible for most of the water pollution in Georgia. This is not true.  Since the Federal Clean Water Act of 1972, industrial and commercial dumping (“point sources” of pollution) has been strictly regulated, with enforced standards for environmental impact.  Far more extensive and harder to control is what is known as nonpoint source pollution. 

Nonpoint source means pollution that comes from all over, not just a single pipe or drain.  Rainwater runs across the surface of a road, carrying brake dust and motor oil into the nearest stream.  Sprinklers wash lawn fertilizer into the drains, where it joins soapy water from washing cars on its way to the storm drain and the river.  Candy wrappers, cigarette butts, and drink containers are carried in by wind or water, or are deposited directly on the streambank alongside unwanted cars and appliances.

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