Gov. Perdue Celebrates Water Conservation Efforts at General Mills Covington

10 09 2008
Market Watch
COVINGTON, Ga., Sep 10, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) — Citing the importance of industry-municipality partnership during one of the worst droughts in Georgia’s history, Gov. Sonny Perdue toured the General Mills facility in Covington to see firsthand the company’s innovative approach to water conservation enabled by the plant’s state-of-the-art, on-site wastewater treatment facility.
“General Mills is playing a leading role in changing the way we do business in Georgia,” Governor Perdue said. “Through our Conserve Georgia initiative, we are asking our citizens and our businesses to make conservation a daily part of their routine. The savings here at General Mills not only represent less water usage, but also cost savings to the company. This company is the perfect example of how conserving can not only help our environment, but also its bottom line.”
The treatment facility, brought online by General Mills Covington in August 2006, recovers and treats the plant’s food processing wastewater so thoroughly that the water can be fully reused. In fact, the restored water, once treated, is clean enough and pure enough to be used for any purpose. General Mills’ Covington facility is a food plant, and the company chooses to reuse the purified water only for non-food contact applications, such as dust removal and cooling. However, the water quality is high enough that it could be used for any purpose, if the plant chose to do so.
With the new treatment facility, as much as half of the plant’s water can now be treated, restored and reused, trimming the plant’s overall water consumption by an average of 46 percent — or about 5.3 million gallons per month. In total, the new facility conserves enough water to supply about 1,000 homes.
“This water treatment and recycling project is an excellent example of General Mills’ commitment to Nourishing Lives,” said Mark Bible, plant manager of General Mills’ Covington facility. “It reflects the importance we place on being a responsible corporate citizen, and the emphasis we place on supporting our community and sustaining the environment.”
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