Sewage spill near Loganville requires more monitoring

18 09 2008


County work crews were called out Thursday night to repair a sewer line near Loganville. A sewage spill developed when power failed at the Brushy Fork pump station. The line was repaired within an hour of the alert, but some 6,250 gallons spilled.

By state standards, it was a minor spill — one of 18 minor spills the Gwinnett Department of Water Resources has dealt with this year. But it happened near a tributary of Big Haynes Creek, and the area will require monitoring, said Jeff Boss director of field operations for the department.“The power went out,” Boss said. “When that happens, typically, the backup generators kick on and back up until power comes back on at the station.”

In this case, he said, the pump station was in the process of being replaced with a gravity system, and the contractor failed to monitor the system to guarantee the backup system worked properly, Boss said.

Shanda Perugini, DWR administrative assistant, said crews — usually consisting of three persons — are on call for reports of sewer line breaks 24 hours a day. The crew may also call for additional workers, depending on the extent of the problem.

“We have an outside contractor for major catastrophes,” Boss said. “If a 48-inch pipe were to break, a 72-inch pipe were to break, we have an on-call contractor we could call on for that. But, 99 percent of repairs are done in-house.”

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