Perdue Wants Lift on Sale of ‘Summer Blend’ Fuel

23 09 2008


ATLANTA — Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue has requested the Georgia Environmental Protection Agency to issue a waiver that would lift the mandate on gas stations to sell “summer blend” gasoline.

“Summer blend” gasoline is normally sold in Georgia until September 30th. Perdue wants a “regular” blend of gasoline to be available in Georgia as soon as possible.

“Summer blend” gasoline is designed to cut down on smog during the years hottest months. But, it is more expensive.

Gasoline suppliers from other states have already been contacted and are ready to ship “regular” blend gasoline to Georgia if the waiver is granted by the Georgia EPA, the Governor’s office said.

When reached for comment, the Georgia EPA said the Governor’s request had not been received.

Although Georgia’s summer-blend costs as much as 10 cents more than winter blend, there’s no way to predict the sale price, said Richard Cobb, executive director of the Georgia Petroleum Council in an Associated Press articled published September 12, 2006. “There could be a few cents here or there,” he said of savings. “But I would say that any cents in that area certainly could be overtaken by world events, like Iraq or hurricanes.”

Governor Perdue has also eased restrictions regarding the size and weight of trucks that haul fuel into Georgia and has also extended the hours fuel trucks that haul fuel into Georgia are allowed to be on the roads, a spokesperson for the Governor’s office said.

The Governor’s office is hoping the new efforts will help ease the strain at the pumps in Georgia but the spokesperson said Georgia will not be back to normal until the refineries in the Gulf region are back at 100 percent.




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