Environmental Club Holds First Meeting of Semester

24 09 2008

By: Patrick Bray | GSU Signal

The Sustainable Energy Tribe or The Tribe, as it is called, held its first meeting on Aug. 27 outside the Landmark Diner at the Commons. All outdoor seating was filled and it was standing room only as vast numbers of young environmentalists at Georgia State came together to plan the upcoming semester.

The Tribe is Georgia State’s environmental club that promotes a more environmentally friendly campus. Gabrielle Arrington, the club secretary, says the main goal of the organization is “to make Georgia State more sustainable, servicing the community and Atlanta.”

The gathered students showed themselves to be energetic and excited about the environment, some of whom were Georgia State alumni who returned because they are still very much attached to the Tribe and what it represents.

“We’re an eco-friendly way to educate people about the environment,” said returning member Ravi Batra.

A light breeze blew as Laura Beamer, the club’s president, stood between the Tribe’s banner and a newly planted tree to call the meeting to order.

“I love it!” Beamer excitedly said, referring to the impressive turn out for their first meeting. More had come out than expected.

After a round of introductions, Beamer introduced the four basic committees of The Tribe-Forest, Water, Recycling, and Energy-and then asked everyone to choose a committee of interest, and to get together to brainstorm for ideas. Many of the new members were eager to give their ideas and some bounced between committees.

Many returning members are hoping to be more active this semester, as The Tribe has grown and built itself upon a positive reputation. One of the biggest accomplishments for the Tribe was their successful push to get recycling at the Lofts.

They are now looking to improve that program as well as establish it at the Commons within the semester. Already the 7th floor of Building A at the Commons is designated as the “Sustainable Energy Floor.”

The Tribe also plans to continue reaching out to similar organizations to collaborate on events and ideas. After brainstorming vigorously, each committee presented to the rest of the group their proposals for the semester.

The water committee introduced ideas for a water conservation display at the library, use of rain and well water on campus, and solutions to water pollution. The forest committee presented ideas for community gardens, a watch dog group for Georgia Pacific, and forest ethics.

The energy committee announced plans for another solar powered concert to be held in November. The recycling committee introduced plans to place recycling bins next to the trash shoots in the Commons and to help raise money for the solar powered concert.

The first event of the semester was Georgia’s student/youth environmental-action conference called Green Peach 2008, which was held August 29th through September 1st. The Tribe’s second meeting also took place on Wednesday September 10th outside the Landmark Diner at the Commons.

Future meetings are open for all interested students to attend. For more information about the Tribe, go to their website at setribe.com




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