Georgia Nuclear Plant Delay?

30 10 2008

WSB Radio

There’s a new complication in the already lengthy approval process for two proposed nuclear reactors at Plant Vogtle, near Waynesboro, Georgia.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s Atomic Safety licensing board agrees with environmental groups that the federal government’s review should look at the effect of dredging the Savannah River.   The NRC is about halfway through their 3 year review right now.

“It doesn’t necessarily mean there will be a delay in that process,” the NRC’s Roger Hannah tells WSB.  “It may simply that further information and further analysis have to be developed.”

The river dredging would be needed to barges could bring reactor components to the site. 

Hannah says a 3 judge agency panel found something missing in the staff review of the project.

“They did not adequately consider what dredging of that part of the rive might do to the environment.”

The state Public Service Commission must also approve the plan.  It’s set to hold hearings on the plant in a few days.




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