Porterdale sells sewage capacity

8 11 2008

By Amber Pittman | The Covington News

In an effort to help the city’s financial woes, the Porterdale city council voted unanimously at their meeting Monday night to sell a portion of its reserve sewage treatment capacity to the Newton County Water and Sewerage Authority.
The sale will allow the city to make roughly $152,000 – funds that would be earmarked for the city’s payments to the Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority.
Proposed by Mayor Bobby Hamby, the city would sell 50,000 gallons per day of extra treatment capacity at $8 per gallon which would generate $400,000 in total revenue. The city currently owes the authority roughly $111,000 for 11 months of back payments for the city’s share of operating costs for the sewage treatment facility and approximately $25,000 for its share in a project to replace a water line on the Yellow River Bridge. The authority has also reportedly told Hamby they would want the city to pay its operating and maintenance costs for 2009 in advance.
That would net the city roughly $152,000 for its 2009 budget which is already anticipated to be around $200,000 short.




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