PSC candidates debate touches on regulation, nuclear reactors

24 11 2008

Republican Lauren McDonald said he knows how to run a business and “my business is the same as the public’s business.”

Democrat Jim Powell said he knows energy and energy planning, and that Georgia needs that more than ever these days.  The two state Public Service Commission candidates faced each other for the last time Sunday, in a debate sponsored by Georgia Public Broadcasting and the Atlanta Press Club. The debate aired Monday night, a week before their Dec. 2 runoff.

Powell won 47.9 percent of the vote on Nov. 4, and McDonald had 47.2 percent. A Libertarian got the rest.

During the debate, Republican McDonald defended the fact that he used to be a Democrat before losing his PSC seat six years ago.

“My philosophy hasn’t changed,” he said. “The Democratic Party has changed. I am not a Nancy Pelosi. I am not a senator from Nevada, Harry Reid.”

Democrat Powell defended his decades of experience at the U.S. Department of Energy, after McDonald questioned what he’d done “while gas prices soared.”

He said he specialized in energy efficiency and renewable energy, areas that hadn’t been supported by the departing presidential administration. He said he was prepared to lead when the incoming administration reverses that.

The two poked at each other’s supporters.

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