Executive Orders (EOs)

Executive Orders, or EOs, are orders by a seated President demanding a certain course of action be taken on an issue, law, or procedure.  Like laws, they have a binding effect on agencies that implement traditional laws and regulations.  Unlike laws, they are not voted on by Congress and can be suspended or revoked immediately by any seated President.

More detailed information about these Executive Orders, and any amendments, is available from the National Archives.

E.O. 12898: Federal Actions to Address Environmental Justice in Minority Populations and Low-Income Populations

E.O.12898 (PDF), from the National Archives (5 pp, 20K) | EPA’s Environmental Justice Home Page

E.O. 13045: Protection of Children From Environmental Health Risks and Safety Risks

E.O. 13045 (PDF), from the National Archives (6 pp, 69K) | EPA’s Children’s Health Protection Home Page

E.O. 13211: Actions Concerning Regulations That Significantly Affect Energy Supply, Distribution, or Use

E.O. 13211 (PDF), from the National Archives (2 pp, 25K)


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