Georgia’s Water Conservation Implementation Plan

The Georgia General Assembly approved the Georgia Comprehensive State-wide Water Management Plan early in the 2008 session, and Governor Sonny Perdue signed it on February 6, 2008. The Plan gives Georgians a flexible framework for water management with support from statewide policies and practices. The statewide policies will guide regional plans that will address water management issues unique to each area.
The purpose of the Plan is to guide Georgia in managing water resources in a sustainable manner to support the state’s economy, to protect public health and natural systems, and to enhance the quality of life for all citizens.
Work has begun work to implement the Plan. Important information about the implementation work will be posted on this web site. Implementation of the Plan will take place over a three-year period. Click here to view the overall schedule for State Water Plan Implementation. Click here for an Executive Summary of the State Water Plan.

Click here to view Georgia’s Comprehensive State-wide Water Management Plan Adobe PDF Format



What is the Water Conservation Implementation Plan?

In the Comprehensive State-wide Water Management Plan, water conservation is recognized as an effective and efficient management practice to meet some future water needs. The state-wide water management plan calls for the creation of a water conservation implementation plan (WCIP) to provide a framework to lead Georgia toward more efficient use of our limited water resources.

The WCIP will:

  1. Address all major water use sectors
  2. Outline sector-specific water conservation goals and benchmarks, related to: reductions in water waste, water loss, and where necessary water use; monitoring and measuring water use; and educational efforts
  3. Provide guidelines on water conservation practices (or “tools”) available to implement daily and during times of limited supplies
  4. Identify resources (technical and financial) to help achieve goals or implement practices 
  5. Provide guidance on flexibility in implementation and reporting requirements for large and small water users; and
  6. Recommend implementation actions to help achieve goals

Why is the WCIP important?

The WCIP will provide detailed direction for realizing water conservation results necessary to achieve Georgia’s vision of sustainable water management. The WCIP will be designed to help foster a culture of conservation in Georgia by focusing on implementation, not on regulation.

How can the WCIP be used?

In addition to establishing aspirational goals for all water user sectors to strive for, the WCIP will recommend best practices for water users to implement. These practices will constitute a toolbox of activities that may help individual water users achieve the sector-specific goals. 

The WCIP will also identify implementation actions – state and regional level actions necessary to help water users achieve their goals. These actions will include voluntary, incentive-based, and market-based approaches, as well as regulatory actions.

The WCIP will be a resource to:

  • inform regional water planning efforts
  • inform local and state plans for emergency drought response
  • inform individual and corporate decisions about water using activities
  • educate Georgia citizens and others about Georgia’s commitment to conserving water resources

What is the timeframe for developing the WCIP?

  • June 2 – June 18: Sector teams meet to discuss strawman material (organized by team leader)
  • June 30 – July 14: Team leaders compile the first draft WCIP
  • Late July: Begin public comment period #1 (30 days)
  • Revisions to draft WCIP
  • Late September: Begin public comment period #2 (30 days)
  • Revisions to draft WCIP
  • Late November: Plan finalized

If you have questions, would like more information, or would like to participate in developing the WCIP, please contact Alice Miller Keyes at 404-656-4713 or

Supportive Links

Georgia’s Comprehensive State-wide Water Management Plan

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Planning References

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2007 Urban Drought Guidebook (Draft) – California

Establishing Baseline and Meeting Water Conservation Goals of Executive Order 13423 (U.S. EPA)

Florida Water Conservation Initiative

Water Conservation Manual for State of Hawaii Facilities

Massachusetts Water Conservation Standards

Massachusetts Drought Management Plan

Guide to Lawn and Landscape Water Conservation – Massachusetts

Texas Water Development Board Report 362 – Water Conservation Implementation Task Force

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An Assessment of Water Conservation in Texas Prepared for the 80th Legislature

State of Washington – Public Hearing on the Proposed Water Use Efficiency Rule Chapter 246-290 WAC

State of Washington – Water Use Efficiency Guidebook


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